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Rolla Bottle - Cobalt, Teal Lid + Aqua Strap


Keep your water fresh this summer with our compact, lightweight and importantly, leak proof cobalt and teal water bottle. It stands tall and functions like a regular bottle when full and rolls up small when empty. Each bottle includes a carabiner for an easy attachment to school, gym and travel bags. 

Our Rolla Bottles are made from premium food grade silicone, naturally free from BPA, non-toxic and non-absorbent so your water will always taste fresh. 

Rolla Bottles colour options include: cobalt with teal lid, cobalt with black lid, green with pink lid, pink lilac with pink lid, pink lilac with coral lid, yellow with pink lid and aqua with white lid.  

Our Rolla Bottles are perfect for travelling, school, fitness, outdoors and everyday use and make great gifts. 

Rolla Bottle is the reusable, portable roll-small, easy water bottle that fits with your lifestyle.  

Features you will love:

  • Capacity 700ml
  • Collapsible once empty, so won't take up space in your bag
  • Made of premium silicone which is resistant to mould and bacteria and can withstand temps of over 200 degrees C, so no worries about leaving your bottle in the car on a warm day. 
  • BPA free
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Designed in Australia
  • Rolla Bottle and all parts come with a lifetime guarantee, if something breaks send us a pic with your contact details and we will replace it 


Easy Clean

We recommend washing before first use. 

  • To wash remove the lid, collar and neck components. 
  • For a thorough clean turn your bottle inside out. 
  • Dishwasher safe/ remove the metal clip. 
  • Silicone can withstand high temps so for a deep cleanse fill it with boiling water and let it sit for a while. 


Drinking Tips

  1. After you drink from your Rolla let the air come back in, this will allow it to stand upright. 
  2. Careful, there's no straw; so make sure you don't squeeze too hard or you may have a mess on your hands.

 Not suitable for children under 3 years of age unless used under supervision. 


How to Roll a Rolla...

  • Lay your empty Rolla Bottle down, with the spout open
  • Silicone strap attachment underneath
  • Roll from the base, the tighter you roll the smaller your bottle will become.
  • When rolled, grab the jellyfish and pull the silicone strap under the rolled section
  • Pull the Jellyfish strap end over the lid, silicone strap will separate around the lid
  • Place Jellyfish strap end in the gap where the lid meets the collar
  • Close the spout


Other Uses for your Rolla Bottle:

  • Ice pack - Fill with water and freeze for an ice pack to keep your food fresh on the go
  • Smoothies - We love smoothies on the go but hate all those nasty plastic cups and straws they come in. Next time you order a smoothie ask them to put it in your Rolla Bottle, or better still make one at home pop in some ice and take it with you. The 700ml size is just right and the spout is wide enough for the thickest of blends
  • Phone & cash safe & dry - Rolla is perfect for keeping your phone and valuables dry on a water adventure, plus it makes a great hiding spot for your valuables particularly when travelling (crime rate for water bottle theft is quite low)
  • Dumbbells - Just because you are away from the gym is no excuse to let your fitness go, fill a Rolla with rocks, sand, or water – depending how heavy you want to go and you have the perfect, portable dumbbell

Don’t forget a Rolla can be turned inside out for a thorough clean so whatever you put in you can get it all back out and you have a clean fresh bottle.


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