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Hi, I'm Sheree, curator at The Home Maven online homewares store. 

Passionate about interiors and styling, I’m even more passionate about creating spaces that feel homely and loved.

A qualified CPA by trade and a wife and mum, I started The Home Maven as an Instagram hobby, styling and photographing beautiful homewares in my own home.

Before long, I was helping all kinds of Australian and global brands style their products and create content.

My passion became a full-time career and now, even more exciting, my very own online store.  Filled with inspiring ideas, my aim is to make sure every beautiful piece that finds a home in this store, feels just as at-home in yours. 

No matter what interior style you’re after - timeless, fun, comfortable, sophisticated – I’m here to help style your home in a way that makes you proud. As we’re all so busy, I’ve made an effort to choose pieces that work together, so finding the right items is quick and easy. 

I’m also happy to help marry new purchases with things you already own because as much as we’d all love to completely start afresh, we must be realistic!

So, without further ado, welcome to my shop! Have a look around and ask me whatever you need to. Even if you’d just like to say hi, please get in touch. I love hearing from you. 






About My House Loves Online Homewares store| Sheree Thompson

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